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Kantor Diamond Company is a unique operation, based in the Pacific Northwest. Our family has been in the diamond business for four generations.

Seeing the impending consolidation of retail jewelers, our family sold our 20 store chain in favor of offering greater selection, service and savings. We now have one Super Showroom where with our clients can visit and we can help them select the perfect diamond.

Unlike many on the web selling diamonds, we actually have a showroom, a place to meet our brokers and take care of all your service needs. We do business with clients around the globe via phone, fax and email, but we also have a brick and mortar location that are visited by hundreds of clients each week (as opposed to the “back room” or “kitchen table” dealers that have popped up on the web).

We generally direct clients to our showroom, as we feel a diamond requires a little more interaction and discussion than a typical purchase directly over the web.

Our showroom in Tacoma, Washington has flourished over the last 33 years as diamond consumers demand quality and an educated salesperson. All our diamond brokers receive extensive training and we have Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) diamond grading graduates on staff.

Our brokers educate every client about the characteristics unique to their diamond.

Every diamond is appraised to the strictest G.I.A. standards and most of our diamonds are accompanied by certificates from independent labs.

We specialize in loose diamonds, offering hundreds from which to choose as well as offering brokering services. If we don’t have your perfect diamond in stock, we can get it premium for that service. We select the best, and leave the rejects for our competitors. By owning our inventory, we have it at the right price. When we broker a diamond, we access our prime sources. We buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds from these sources on a regular basis. Therefore, we are able to broker diamonds from them at our “buying” price. A price much lower than they charge our competitors who never stock a thing!


4301 S Pine Street Suite 501
Tacoma, WA  984
Tel. (253) 272-7007
Text (253) 381-7268
Open by appointment:
Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30
Saturday by Appointment Only
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